Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Sally Syndrome.

To all the real men and true gents out there that refuse to bow down to the current plague that is the WUSSIFICATION of man this is for you.

I had to take a short break from writing so that I could go to the VA and get my estrogen levels checked to make sure I am not being infested with "sally syndrome".  This type of syndrome occurs in former men that now walk with a limp wrist and  their tail tucked between their legs. This syndrome is the agenda of American politically correct society. This happens when men stop thinking for themselves and start allowing the loons to get in their heads.

Where a STRONGMAN once stood with head held high, shoulders back and chest stuck out now stands a skinny dweeb with shoulders hunched forward, no musculature whatsoever, constant tears for attention adorn his face all the while wearing mascara and a dress.

Something like these folks:

Where have the REAL MEN gone?
We are surrounded by a majority of braindead zombies moping around with their heads slumped forward crying and complaining or they're throwing a tantrum like a bunch of oversize babies needing a pacifier.

I mean I can't make this stuff up, most younger "supposed" men of today piss and moan more than a man with erectile dysfunction in a whore house! and he has a reason to be upset lol.

When I was a young stud coming up all I cared about was working out and impressing the young ladies. I trained all hours of the day, it didn't matter what time it was as long as I could get a workout in. Usually I would train at 4:30am but it wasn't uncommon for me to train in the afternoon either. I was not up to snuff on the proper way to eat and I didn't even really care. I put my emphasis on training first then eating second.

Today the snowflakes that do train have to have everything correctly in place in order to workout.
What a bunch of nonsense, I mean they have to have their gallon of water, make sure they eat their breakfast first, have a mid morning protein shake, then have the pre workout meal and or shake oh and we can't forget about the pre workout formula aka the super, executioner, psychotic, death punch of all pre workouts lol, then maybe they will get to the gym.

Once a WORKOUT is missed it is gone forever.

Where did this silliness come from and when did it start?

In my younger years it didn't matter, I worked out any way. I went to the gym and I lifted, no one told me how to train, no one showed me how to train, I actually used my brain and figured things out for myself.  Holy cow! Yes I figured things out on my own.  Look at this video of me training at 13 years old, I had no clue what I was doing as can be seen below:

This was when I first started to learn how to box as I showed off my amazing talents (that's a joke) and I have no clue what the hell I was thinking with the Rockettes kick at the end.

My point is I didn't let anything stop me from achieving my goal, my goal being building muscle and stop being a skinny dweeb. I did what I had to do, I didn't over analyze everything or worry about if I ate enough, I simply focused on the most important thing....Training and not missing a workout.

As I got older I then unpacked/sorted out a proper training routine.
How did I do this? By keeping my mouth shut, my ears open and asking questions.  I then repeated those two steps over and over again until I learned.

-That is how you WIN.

Here I am at 17 years old and 170 pounds starting Wrestler for Milford High School.

Again I ask you where have all the real men gone?

Why are we surrounded by a bunch of braindead wimps with the Sally Syndrome?

Because most of these supposed men all want everything for free and feel entitled that's why.  They have no WORK ETHIC and want everything handed to them.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I never stand for this type of wussiness and will always STAND TALL in my belief for all testosterone driven, hard charging, goal setting, lady loving, true gents that still believe it is okay to be a MAN.

If you are a  Real Man than join me in standing when others bow and bowing when others stand against this weak minded, syndrome that is trying to plague and kill our Maximized manhood.

I'm The Machine, don't be a SALLY.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Guide To Being A Real Man

"We Can't Become What We Want By Remaining Who We Are"

Hi, my name is Mike "The Machine" Bruce.

I am a former United States Marine, Professional Performing Strongman and motivational speaker.

I'm a Politically incorrect, free thinking, strong conservative, independent Christian. I am owned by no one, unlike people that are owned by political parties and certain denominations. No one owns me, no one tells me what to do or how to do it.   There is no political party or denomination that owns me.   I do what I want, when I want and how I want all within the legal ramifications of the law.

I refuse to be a slave to anyone or anything.  I am not a slave to my body, I am not a slave to the dollar meaning that I refuse to be in debt and wear the noose around my neck that comes with having credit cards or bank loans.

It is a choice in how we live, either a slave to the system or to have the freedom to do as we wish.

I choose freedom.

The first step to freedom is to adapt the mindset of a real man and not give in to the average mindset of what society wants us to be.

I have written a guide to help all men that want to stand tall with head held high, feet planted firmly on the ground, men that choose to stand when others bow and bow when others stand!

This guide is for men that want to put one foot in front of the other and move forward to learn the essence of a real man and make themselves better.

Where have the days gone when men got together as a group and shared in the camaraderie of training together? 

There is so much entitlement, weak minded knucklehead's running around that the brotherhood of men has all but disappeared. 

We are being overrun by a bunch of limp wristed, whiny babies.  Where the real man once stood now stands the  shadow of modern manhood.

Guide To Being A Real Man is my counter attack to this mindset that society is trying to shove down our throats via the various social media outlets.

I refuse to succumb to this, and choose to stand firm against this disgusting attack on our manhood.

Within this guide is 10 chapters to enlighten you and open your mind to join the brotherhood of the testosterone driven, strength training, character building strong MAN:

  • The Essence Of A Strongman
  • The Lost Art Of Being A Gentleman
  • Choices Are Based On The Company You Keep
  • The Ironhead Code
  • 10 Point Self-Improvement Plan
  • Focus On Love
  • The World Is Tired
  • Setting Goals And Attaining Them
  • Artificial Enhancement
  • The Real Man Power Workout

* Keep in mind that I am a believer in Jesus Christ so if this offends you then this book may not be for you.

Move forward and take action today!

Order today $14.99 here:
Own The Day,
The Machine

Monday, December 3, 2018

What Is Friendship

Morning Gent's,

We are told as kids to make friends, play well with others and be nice.  Friendship is a special bond to share with others and the more friends you have the better off your life will be.

Really, I'm not so sure.

I can tell you that having no friends is a very scary and lonely place to be.  From the age of 6-13yrs old I was verbally and physically abused by a Boogeyman. This boogeyman was a 260 pound monster that resembled a cross between Shreck and Frankenstein.

He had a huge forehead, greased, jet black hair combed back over his head, a giant nose with long nose hairs, a belly that would make Santa Claus envious with the personality of a crossbreed between a venomous snake and a crocodile.

This monster was my mom's second husband, a Policeman by night and a complete terror to me during the day.

This scumbag tormented me daily, to this day I still don't know why. He used to call me "mouth" and tell me I would never amount to anything, all I was is a worthless, ugly piece of crap.

He hated me so much that when I was 7 years old and had my tonsils out he wouldn't even feed me half the time or check on me while I was in my bedroom recovering.

My poor mom would work during the day for the Etna Insurance Co and I would be stuck with this holy terror.  I was not allowed to do anything, enroll in Karate? nope. Join the youth Wrestling team? nope. Join the Cub Scouts? nope. Go out and play? nope. Have a friend stay the night on the weekend? nope.

This no good bastard was an evil dictator and my poor mom didn't know what to do or how bad off I was.  I kept it from her, I never said a word for fear of what he would do to me.

I had night terrors so bad that I would wake up screaming and run to my mom's bedroom for comfort. I knew he was not home so I felt comfortable in the best place a kid could be, my mom's embrace.
As time went on and I was allowed outside many of the kids treated me as the weird kid because I was antisocial and didn't know how to act. I tried to have friends, but it seemed every time I did things went sour. The kids must have known I was an absolute mess because they would make fun of me and even beat me up.

I was called Michael Michael motorcycle turn the key and watch him pee and also given the nickname Michael  Moron. I guess I was called a moron because the kids told me I was nothing but stupid.

This was not my idea of what "friends" were supposed to be like.  When I was allowed outside I became more of a loner and would entertain myself by catching insects in a jar and watching them fight.

Needless to say this didn't help me on building any friendships for sure lol.

As the years passed and the constant torment continued I finally figured out a way to defeat this larger than life boogeyman. This loser was so fat I noticed he would tire quickly while beating on me.
My only friends I knew were 3 inanimate objects called:

  • the refrigerator aka used for throwing me into it and up against it.
  • the kitchen table aka used to throw me up on top of it and with his forearm across my throat yell obscenities at me about how worthless I was.   
  • the couch, my best friend because when I would get thrown into it the cushions would break my fall thus not causing me as much pain.
I soon learned how to defeat this slow, prodding monster by using my best friend. Oh, are you confused? That's right so far I didn't have any friends except for odd objects, well I didn't say my best friend was a best friend ended up becoming my bed.  That's right my bed, every kids safe place, safe space etc....where dreams become reality and our imaginations can soar.

That lumbering oaf would get gassed out trying to chase me as I ran for my life to escape his deadly grasp. One day while running from him I was able to dash under my bed kicking at his hands as he relentlessly grabbed for any appendage he could get a hold of. This worked great for a few seconds until he grabbed the bed, flipped it over and got his hands on what he was looking for.....Ah yes another beating ensued.

As I sat on my bedroom floor with back against the wall and my head hung between my legs I noticed I wasn't crying this time. I just took a full shellacking from the man-beast, full lumps but not one tear shed.  I rose my head ever so slightly and looked across the room at my bed.....I thought wait a second, if I move my bed against the wall so that it is flush I can hide under it in the far corner and use the wall as protection. I was very skinny and small so I could make myself into a little ball and hide against that wall.  My sadness and fear turned to anger, I was determined to make this dirtbag have to work extra hard to hurt me again and this time I would cause him some pain to.

See, the boogeyman was always barefoot so I had an idea, I set up my GI Joes, Star Wars figures and Transformers around my bed in a half circle. I used them as a defense to cause this monster pain. I was tiny enough that when he would chase me I could scoot under the bed avoiding my toys. He would thus step on the toys hurting his feet and making it even harder to get to me.

I learned at the age of 10 how to defeat the bigger, stronger monster.

Notice how I have never called him a man? 
Because he was not a man, a man, a REAL MAN would never treat a child like the way he treated me. He was a lowlife scum hiding behind a badge that is supposed to represent the good.

A scumbag like him always slips up eventually and he did. One day in California while on vacation he punched me across the face in front of my mom and that was the end of the boogeyman. We took a bus home, grabbed what little belongings we could and took a train back to Massachusetts. I never saw "shreck-enstein" again.

For all I know he could be and probably is dead by now.

That time of my life was a horrifying experience and one that truly messed me up not only physically but even more emotionally.  As time went on I was able to get into amateur wrestling/boxing and learn life lessons that helped counter the traumatic events of my early years.

Through these two sports I was able to build friendships learning just what a friend is and how I should act towards others. I wish I had a friend during my early years, i'm sure it would have helped ease the many painful days of my life. 

Having a friend is an amazing blessing we all should experience, but being a true friend is actually quite hard.

To me a friend is about being kind, gentle, a good listener, sharing with one another and most importantly putting trust in someone other than yourself. That's where being a friend is truly hard for me and can backfire on a person in a second.

I have learned over the years that the only person I can truly trust is myself. Sharing too much information with another can lead you to defeat and distrust. Many people are truly only about themselves and the more success you have the more friends you lose and the more people want to be your supposed friend.

Being a true friend is hard, I'm more of a loner doing my own thing and can't relate to the mindset of many. Many people choose to be average, this is okay but not for me. I have better things to do than stay up to the wee hours of the morning at some bar drinking myself until I lose all control. I like to move forward and be above average.  I believe skating through life is a complete waste of time.

I choose my friends wisely and only allow a select few to actually get close to me.  This is my way of protecting myself from the shenanigans that sometimes arise when letting to many people get to close. 

This select group is very small and are people that bring a positive vibe to my life. They build me up as much as I build them up. These people are like minded individuals that don't wear their attitude on their sleeves and who strive to be a cut-above the norm.

In some instances being a loner is a good thing. Knowing you can trust yourself and not worry about who is being true or who is acting fake behind your back. This is freedom and the no stress plan to happiness. The other side to this is a true friend, a person that has/is been with you, by your side through your mistakes and shortcomings is truly one of life's greatest gifts.

Our path doesn't have to be that of a lone wolf, choose your friends wisely and build a bond of friendship within your pack that cannot be broken.

Own your day,

Saturday, December 1, 2018

When We Are Expected To Give Away Our Time

Good morning Gent's,

Hope you are well,  owning each day to the fullest and moving forward towards your goals.  One of the most important things we have is time, time is freedom to do what we want, when we want,  how we want and should be used as we see fit.

Our time should never be controlled by someone else by letting them dictate to us how we spend our time.  I don't know when people started to think they can control how we choose to give our time away. The last time I checked the way we choose to give our time away is a voluntary action.  Do you see that powerful word?  Voluntary, which means to volunteer.

Volunteering your time should be something you want to do not made to do.

One of the worst places that tries and take your time is also one of the most sacred.

The Church.

It seems to me that no matter what you do, no matter if you show up twice on Sunday, once on Wednesday and your butt is planted in the booth every week it is still never good enough.
It's always something, volunteer for this, volunteer for that, we need volunteers, you're not doing the work of God, you need to share your time and help with this and that. We expect you to do all of this regularly and we will not pay you at all.

You will give your time away for FREE!

Again, I must be lost but I was brought up to think that volunteering was an action we do for a cause that we believe in helping.

Let me give you an example of how people in power think they can dictate & control how you choose to give your time.

A person who comes from a powerful family in a small town goes to the dentist with several cavities and other dental troubles. This person ends up needing several thousand dollars of dental work. The dentist treats the person and fixes all dental issues. When done the bill is presented to the patient who then cries of not being able to take care of the cost of services. This adult patients father (a prominent man in town) then comes in and says to the dentist "Well, I thought since we both attend the same church that there would be no charge!"

No charge!
What the flip, so this dentist just gave away their time, providing a much needed service and this clown of a man thinks he can dictate whether there is cost involved or not all because they go to the same church?


Again, listen to me, TIME IS FREEDOM.  You need to choose how you give your time away. We all have bills to pay and obligations that must and should take precedence over anyone else's wants and or demands.

Let me guess, you probably think I'm just an uptight bastard that is having a bad day?
Right? You're not convinced and need more proof correct?


A prominent woman of a large church runs a women's group for college age ladies. This lady approaches a man asking if he would be interested in teaching a self-defense class to this group. The man thinks about and says I'm interested but it will depend on scheduling.  How long of a seminar are you looking for the man asks?

The lady replies 1-2 hours.
The man says I charge $200 for this type of seminar, send me some dates and we can see about getting this lined out. The lady's stares back at the man with a look of utter disgust on her face.
The man asks, is everything okay?
She replies, well since it is for the church I thought you would volunteer and do it for FREE.

There is that word again, FREE aka give away time at no cost to a person and an organization that has plenty of money but feels the man isn't worth paying.

I don't go to the store, fill my cart full of goodies and then go to customer service and say, Hey! I'm thinking since we go to the same church that I can get all this stuff in my cart for FREE.

I mean where are peoples minds? Where do they get off thinking everything is free? I don't have that mindset.

I'm getting off track, back to the story.
The woman gives the date to the man, the man checks the calendar and sees that this seminar would fall on a weeknight at a time when he would still be at work.

Instead of shutting her down and telling her no, he says I'd be willing to this on a Saturday morning at 10am.  Do you see that, the man agreed to do the seminar for free, giving away his time to something he didn't really want to do, but was willing to go forward to help this lady out.

This was not good enough, the lady was persistent that it had to take place on that particular day and time. The man explained that he can not do that and the only time he is willing to be free is on a Saturday.

Remember volunteering your time should be something that you feel led to do, meaning doing something that is on your heart. You volunteer out of the goodness of your heart, I'm not talking about being a go-getter and doing something that makes you uncomfortable. That is a whole different topic.

Do not allow anyone to dictate how you choose to give away your time. Time is freedom and time is one of the most important things we have on this earth.

Do not allow guilt trips or the powers that be tell you how to live and how much time to give. You are in complete control of your life and how you choose to live it. Too many people these days from big institutions think they can boss the smaller person around.
Don't be one of them, stand firm in your beliefs and don't give in. If the cause is something you believe in and want contribute to then go for it but on your terms.

My advice to you is to stand when others bow and bow when others stand, always conduct yourself as a true gent and a class act, keep your side of the street clean, ears open, mouth shut and be a real man.

But, who am I? and does it really even matter what I say? Most are going to do what you want anyway.

You be you and I'll be me because we all do that better than anyone else and that is to be ourselves.

Own the day,
The Machine

Friday, November 30, 2018

Use Momentum To Lift Heavy Things

 If you are doing a Zercher Squat, Dead lift, Rack Pull or a heavy press then there is no momentum in the initial start of the lift.  If you are using very heavy poundages sometimes we use momentum to assist us in finishing the movement.

Let's take the Zercher Squat, the start of the movement is begun from a dead stop, there is no way to get the weight moving without being strong enough to initially pick it up.

Here is an example.

 I love the fitness guru's that knock people for using body momentum to finish a lift. They say that we are not using correct form, they say that we are swinging the weight up, rounding our backs as I did in the video above and many other stupid, ironic jabs from the uneducated. Did you notice at the start of the lift my back was nice and flat, when I couldn't get the weight up my back rounded slightly before straightening out. That was my 3rd set using a heavy weight.

Here is what the exercise looks when I am fresh.

Do you see the difference, when fresh my back is flat and as the sets go on you get fatigued and form sometimes become sloppy.
The bottom line is there is no momentum, I still had to be strong enough to pick it up and get it moving.

The deadlift is another great example of being strong enough to get the weight moving with no momentum.

The deadlift is what? it is a picking a weight up from a dead stop hence the name "deadlift".

There are all types of ways to deadlift and one of my favorite ways is to do a version of the Romanian style also known as a Top End Deadlift. This particular version is a great example of using momentum to finish the lift. The exercise is started from the top or locked out position. Next you lower the bar down to below the knees or closer to the floor and stand back up to lockout. You can see how momentum plays a part in the lift. The weight is pulling you down, you are resisting letting the weight crash to the floor and then pulling up with all your strength to finish.

Like this.

For example when I pulled 1,500lb in a rack pull at a bodyweight of 202lb the same knucklehead fitness guru's criticized me by saying "He only moved the bar 6 inches". 

This is true but the weight was 1,500lb for crying out loud!
Pulling that kind of weight is going to require all of my strength and tax my whole central nervous system.
  There was no momentum used to get the weight moving.

 Momentum is not used for doing isolation exercises, perfect form, focusing on squeezing the muscle or chasing the pump. Momentum is used to push our strength to a higher level assisting us to move the heaviest weight we can.
To do this, sometimes we need to use all of our body's resources to accomplish the lift.

There is a difference between training a muscle with isolation exercises compared to trying to lift a very heavy weight continuously throughout the movement.  You will never defeat your best max by using the isolation principle.

To go up in weight and have a personal best I think using body momentum in your training will help you.

Remember there is a difference between working the muscle and moving the heaviest weight you can. When you are ready to do some triceps pushdowns or dumbbell curls then by all means incorporate the Isolation principle and chase the pump to the best of your ability.

Momentum plays a big part in our ability to move a heavy weight and increase our strength.

The Machine

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Does Bending Steel Carry Over To Bigger Lifts In The Gym.

Morning Gent's,

With so many different training methodologies in physical culture these days many strength coaches train their athletes to cross-train in all aspects of the physical game.

 While I do believe that this is a good idea, does it always equal out to improvement in other areas? 
I say Yes and No. 

Here's why:

Take for example the title question; Does bending steel carry over to bigger lifts in the gym? I believe so. If you get strong enough to take a 4 foot long piece of 3/4 steel bar and bend it over your head just imagine how strong you will be when it comes to doing pull ups and chin ups?

Your lat strength in that position will be so much stronger that any other type of pull where your arms are overhead will be greatly improved. 

I also believe that when you are able to bend big horseshoes the carry over in your rowing of barbells and dumbbells will be greatly enhanced as well. 

If you have ever tried to bend a horseshoe then you know what kind of power I'm talking about. You grip, biceps, triceps and lat muscles all will be taxed to the limit. If you have not tried to bend a horseshoe then check out the video below where I show you the proper technique.

As you can see all the above mentioned muscles come in to play. Good carry over to bigger lifts in the gym.

So what is it that I disagree with? I don't believe that grippers have a good carry over at all. For instance I'm not good at the grippers. I don't practice with them at all and can only get a #3 partially closed.

However I can hold in my hands with no support straps 500# and perform 30 nonstop repetitions in the barbell shrug. Yet there are many men who can close the #3 gripper but cannot hold large poundages in their hands. 

Does this mean that I'm stronger than they are when it comes to grip strength?
Of course not, it just means that I'm better at holding a heavy weight in my hands than I am trying to close a gripper. And likewise for my fellow strongmen being better at the grippers than holding a heavy weight in their hands.

Does bending of steel carry over to bigger lifts in the gym? 

In some ways yes it does, and in some ways no it doesn't. 

Steel bending will definitely make you one heck of a strongman for sure. 
One thing unique about steel bending is the look of amazement on people's faces when you bend and twist a piece of solid steel into a pretzel or some other design that you thought of.

I suggest you try all avenues of strength and search out what fits you. There are many different types of strongman training and bending steel is a great method to learn.  It doesn't matter how big you are or even how small you are, steel bending is for everyone.

Don't believe me?
Check out my pal Performing Strongman Chris Schoeck in the great documentary Bending Steel.

 As you can see, training isn't always about lifting weights or conditioning workouts, sometimes all you need is your imagination and a piece of steel.

Own your Day,
The Machine

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Stop Being A Slave And Just Say No.

Good morning,

The Machine here, and I want to know if you're a slave? Yes you read that right, are you a slave to your body?  Are you a slave to a person? Are you a slave to your kids? Are you a slave to debt? Maybe a slave to the system?

If you said yes to any of those questions then I ask you why?
You don't have to be a slave to anyone or anything.
It is all about choices.

Being a slave causes nothing but negativity, stress, anxiety, frustration, worry, premature aging and anger.  Why do this to yourself?  We need stress busters in our life to bring stress reduction. Relieving stress should produce physical and mental relaxation and prevent premature aging.

Here are some ways we can defeat the slavery and move forward.

Just say No!
Let no man, woman or child control your life. Many homes today are run by the youngest family members. Learn to say no, it is the most powerful and seductive word in our vocabulary.  If you a slave to your child, they will disrespect you and give you even more trouble. You can't buy love and respect with giving little johnny all he wants. Respect is earned from strength and proper structure with rules to follow. This same principle applies to your life with what goes in your mouth and how you choose to live.  Are you going to skate and be stuck in life or are you goin got own your body and make it the best oiled machine you can?

I don't care if your version of exercise is just a short jaunt around the block, it is a great stress reliever and mood enhancer.  Exercise releases endorphins that give us a natural high and/or calming effect.
When your body starts to change by shedding fat, losing weight and toning up you outlook on yourself will be better and there will be a swagger to your step that was non existent before.

Being alone is okay sometimes but being permanently alone is dreadful. Going through life with no friends is lonely and sadness. Some type of social life with like minded people is healthy and nurturing. Remember to choose your friends carefully, stay away from the depressed, negative, losers that want to bring you down into their hell hole.

Find something to love, someone to love, learn to love yourself. Love begets life. Love a pet, pets have been proven to lower blood pressure and ease the mind. If you can't love yourself how are you going to love another. If we had more love in the world I truly believe there would be less violence and hate.

Live for today.
We are not guaranteed a tomorrow and the past is the past. You have no control over the past, it is important to try and close that door and move forward. Once the past is done we can't change it, it is over. Regret will bring you closer to to the grave faster than a cheetah chasing down its prey. Life is moving forward, I try and live each day to the best of my ability. Never take what you have for granted and try and be better than you were yesterday. Focusing on past dreadful mistakes will only make you worry and hold you back from putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward.
Now Own it!

Own the Day.
There are no limitations on me, I am owned by no man. Each day is the same, I don't care if it's Monday or Friday...I put one foot in front of the other and I move FORWARD. I live a structured, disciplined life....I get up, put the coffee pot on, I walk my dogs, I reflect on my life and think of what I am going to Crush today. How can I be better than I was yesterday? I walk and I move forward to OWN MY DAY.
It feels right to be alive everyday, it feels right to be able to do what I do when I want and how I want....It doesn't feel right to stop, it feels wrong. When I couldn't walk I fell into a deep depression and had 2 mental breakdowns, not 1 but TWO! 
Not being be able to move forward and push myself was depressing. I am a man that needs to move, I move when it feels right and when the feeling hits me it doesn't matter if it's a holiday, a birthday, a blizzard I will get in the gym and OWN IT! 
All it takes is putting a foot forward and Starting.

Be Happy.
Have you ever noticed how unhappy people are these days? 
Happiness is a choice.
They have money, toys, food, cars, clothes but yet they never smile.
If you smile at them... Lord forbid that happens, because they will look at you as if you said a cuss word at them.
Let's get back to being happy, lets look good and feel good.
Start exercising, eating good fresh foods, start liking the way you look and feel and you will be a much happier person.
This happiness will then carry over to your everyday life and everything you do, from your job to being a parent.

Give to others.

Forgive without resentment.

Learn to smile and laugh at yourself.

Choose to have a positive attitude.
If you choose to wake up dreading the day then you are likely to be a negative person with a bad attitude. I choose to be positive and I learn from my mistakes. I don't dwell on the bad, I face it, I learn from it and I move on. I am grateful each day I wake up and have another day to do something good, be better than I was yesterday. Positivity leads to happiness which in turn leads to production which then leads to success.
It's a choice, how are you going to be today?

Avoid debt.
Debt is a stress builder and will get you closer to the grave at a young age. Avoid debt like the plague, do not give in the system that wants to control us. If you have the dreaded credit cards consolidate those things to one card and burn the others. Pay those things off and burn it. My advice to you is don't get the debt noose around your neck to start with. Stay away from buying things that you can't afford anyway. If you want something, save your money and pay cash. Don't be like most of society and be a slave to the bank. You should strive to be a real man and be owned by no one. This is complete control of yourself and freedom.
Freedom and being owned by no one leads to peace, happiness, relaxation and joy to tackle each day with a positive mindset to do big things.

Have thick skin.
Listen to me, the more success you have and the happier you are the more people are going to hate on you. These snowflakes are going to rail and murmur against you behind your back daily. I learned a long time ago that the opinions of negative, weak people don't matter. If a person brings drama and negativity to your life then banish them. Have nothing to do with them and focus on the positive people that impact your life for the good.
Real men don't concern ourselves with the stupidity of the negative knuckleheads.


I'll leave you with this anonymous quote,   "Today is the beginning of the rest of your life..."

Own the Day,
The Machine

The Sally Syndrome.

To all the real men and true gents out there that refuse to bow down to the current plague that is the WUSSIFICATION of man this is for you...